How This Works

Working with us is a simple process. Once we’re in contact with each other, you’ll be asked if you already have sketches, photo’s, or some kind of example of your project. At this point we’ll take your ideas and start drawing the base concept, which is the most important part of the drawing set or sets.

We’ll then place your project on a personalized web page for you to review. We will review the entire project from start to finish in this way. If the project is larger than can be posted on a web page, we’ll either mail a plotted copy to you, or convert it to a PDF file for you to review on you computer. The electronic drawing files are yours and will be made available to you once your project is completed. If your project is a model or prototype, we will bid the project amount from your sketches or photo’s. At this point we’ll ask you for a deposit of one half the projected amount of the plan package. When the project is completed to the final stages, you’ll be asked for the final amount due.

Our fees are a flat $35.00 per hour for new work and $25.00 per hour for revisions of work previously completed by us.

The finished product is delivered to you in one or more of the following ways:

  1. An exact scale PDF file will be created and sent to you to be print out at your local print or reprographics shop.
  2. An electronic CAD file will be furnished to you in either DXF or native DWG format.
  3. Paper drawing will be created in our office and shipped to you by UPS or USPS.
  4. If your project is a model or prototype it will be shipped UPS or USPS.


  • We’re fully equipped with a complete wood working shop to build your model or prototype in wood or plastic. If special tooling or materials are required, we ask that you advance the needed amount to purchase the tool or material, along with the standard one half deposit.

Industrial Plan Layout

  • Most of our clients have sent us sketches of their facilities with good results for a finished drawing. We are however, willing to come to your location to draw your plant, warehouse, or misc. facility, however, all travel expenses and transportation are supplied by you, including lodging if the stay is overnight. (Inside the continental U.S. only)

Non Disclosure Agreements

  • We’ll gladly enter a non disclosure agreement with you if you so desire. Especially if we are working on patent drawings.


  • Since we’re placing your ideas to paper, model, or prototype, we will not assume any liability for the success or failure of your product as completed to your specifications. Contracting Technical Drafting Services as your drafter, illustrator, or model / prototype builder means that you are agreement to this. Tim Davis, d.b.a., Technical Drafting Services in no way guarantees or warrants the ideas and concepts of others.